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See You N. T.

Published on October 7th, 2015

When there is nothing left to say. When nobody is there to listen. A note on a piece of paper reads:
          See You
                  N. T.

Ilford FP4 125 on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1+24 for 9 minutes at 22 Celcius

The Chloe Des Lysses Social Media Roadshow

Published on September 25th, 2015

Of course, Chloe Des Lysses (real name Nathalie Bo√ęt), the 1990s French Queen of Anal, got kicked off Twitter for racial vilification and being a downright nasty cow… yet again. I’m not sure she gets the idea of how to successfully employ brand management on social media platforms. Naturally, she blames her current woes this week on me and has had a sooky little tantrum on her Tumblr account – twitter = youporn? by chloe des lysses.

Here’s a few thoughts that I’d throw Chloe’s way at this point in response to her tumblr sobs:

  1. I’m not anonymous – Chloe, you have read the previous blog post and called me crazy in response. So that’s a lie.
  2. The previous blog post was made on 11 August, 2015. I had never heard of Chloe Des Lysses before that week. So, nope, I haven’t harrassed Chloe Des Lysses for 2 years.
  3. Employing exaggeration and lies diminishes credibility for the brand of Chloe Des Lysses.
  4. Chloe Des Lysses was your porn brand – French Queen of Anal. Chloe Des Lysses chose to pursue a photography career using that brand because she thought it had traction and would get her work. That was a BAD idea from a business perspective. Build a new brand, Chloe.
  5. Chloe Des Lysses as a brand is so strong in the porn search space that it is futile to fight against. You should not expect your current mediocre photography to outshine organic Google results in such a highly contested business space.
  6. Brand management on social media platforms does not involve racial or sexual vilification. It’s about being nice to people. This shit behaviour makes Chloe Des Lysses the photographer appear as a nasty crazy shit. Nothing more. Nothing less. Employers see this rubbish that you publish on the Internet.
  7. Chloe Des Lysses the photographer may find work hard to get because she is a very average photographer. Dahmane, as much as Chloe reviles him, IS a good photographer. A very good photographer paying attention to his brand management. Don’t be jealous about Dahmane’s successful career. We don’t care if Chloe feels wronged.
  8. People don’t want to hire or do business with litigious freelancers, Chloe. Take it from me – I have done a little freelancing in my time. Be nice. Build a proper brand. Work hard. Never sue; pursue mutually beneficial outcomes so everybody wins.
  9. Create compelling work and don’t blame the World for your inability to get a lucky break. Claiming I’m in collusion with Dahmane, a man I’ve never known, sounds desperate.
  10. Or, at the least, receive the proper medical attention for your mental condition.

What Chloe Des Lysses doesn’t understand in all of this is that nude photography, even fetish and erotic photography, isn’t illegal. It probably doesn’t even offend Twitter’s Terms of Service. Whether something is pornography – created for sexual gratification – is also debatable. What is against the Twitter Terms of Service is harassment and racial vilification. I’d say that’s why she keeps getting thrown off the service. She misses the point of social media.

The simple truth is that Chloe Des Lysses’ real issue with my Twitter account is that I disagreed with Chloe’s Reality. That she no longer wants her brand to be recognised as that of a 1990s French Queen of Anal porn.

Another Brick in the Wall

Published on September 7th, 2015

The Winter is behind us and yes I’m sporting a number 2 crew cut again. The album I’m holding against red bricks was an original vinyl I purchased as a teenager. As far as I know it still doesn’t have scratches. In contrast, I have scars and scratches from head to toe and I ended up conforming in my 40s with a decade at University doing two degrees – an undergraduate in computing and an MBA. We really are all just bricks in the wall.

Ilford FP4 125 on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1+24 for 9 minutes at 22 Celcius

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