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Ducks on the River Bank

Published on August 1st, 2014

The river is flooded right now and this part of the New Norfolk Esplanade is under water. However lazy I’ve been about photographing the flood, these ducks are pretty satisfied tonight. I will try to get down there with a camera tomorrow.

Kodak TRI-X 4400 shot on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1 + 99 for 90 at 18 Celcius

Marketing is a Misunderstood & Maligned Term

Published on July 30th, 2014

There are few terms as misunderstood in the general parlance as that [spits in the figurative gutter] word Marketing. To most people out there it’s synonymous with advertising. And we all hate the manipulative, expletive, wank-driven paleo-superfood-gluten-free-wankeroo that those people rode into town on. But, if the truth be told, we’re constant marketers. In business, we have to be that way.

Imagine yourself in a little shop in a little street. You’ve got products to sell, but what products? Expensive, or down-market? Do you have products that need to move every day, or expensive things that people come from far-and-wide to look at, but you only need to sell an occasional one to stay profitable. They’re products for a certain socio-economic customer base (marketers would call that a target market or a segment). And you’ve got to get those products into your shop and out to your customers somehow. This would be called distribution. Again, it’s marketing.

The distribution channels that you choose and the manner you offer and deliver your products to your target audience and passers-by are all marketing. What type of truck, train or horse do products arrive on? In what size batches? How are the business-to-business relationships on that end? And do you sit the products on the floor of your shop or stack them onto shelves? All marketing.

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Graffiti, New Town, Tasmania

Published on July 29th, 2014

Railway bridges, factory sidings, errant walls and unmoved caravans. The scourge of the graffiti artist. Or, in Hobart, it seems like there are more tags out there than ideas. I know this piece of graffiti isn’t that special as an artistic statement… but I did kind of like it.

Ilford FP4 PLUS 125 shot on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1 + 99 for 90 at 18 Celcius

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