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Commercial Quality Apple & Cinnamon Melomel

Sometimes an email from a person you respect can lift you out of a creative malaise. I recently gifted my last bottle of year old apple and cinnamon melomel to a friend and this afternoon received feedback.

She wrote:

I wanted to let you know that your Apple & Cinnamon is amongst the best mead I’ve ever tried. I knew it would be nice when I took the cap off, the bouquet was magnificent; I have been in heaven having a sneaky little glass (or four) every night. Honestly, I have a friend who makes mead for a living and he would be proud to produce something like that.

So here I am with an MBA and the ability to produce a fine quality Tasmanian gourmet product at around the $30 price point. I would spend another year perfecting this particular melomel, riding on the back of local vineyards educating the visitor’s palate, and securing consistency of produce in the supply chain to follow through over the next few years with orange melomel, cyser and plain mead. The step to high volume production potential is in mixing a consistent plain mead and fruit juice blend marketed in highly differentiated frosted glass bottles available in four packs or as singles.

However, the Tasmanian government know this scenario could never be the case. I’m unable to be licensed to manufacture or sell fermented products. I’m unable to be a person of influence within an organisation that manufactures or sells fermented products. It’s the same legal barrier that prevent me managing a hotel or running a casino or being a bookie.

Meanwhile, the Tasmanian economy heads down the shitter because Rome burning hasn’t reached the common sense of the populace that there should not be one single local university graduate out of work. We don’t need a government that researches economic development – we need a government that creates an environment where we can do business. We don’t need a government that is one quarter of our State’s labour force. We need a lean, economically vibrant, entrepreneurial, supportive government that cares about small to medium enterprises with the vigour it used to reserve for certain large industry cohorts.

I mean, for Heaven’s sake, don’t Tasmanian politicians see the potential of a burgeoning middle class through India and China? Don’t they realise the small speck of that market that could sustain the Tasmanian economy over the long haul between now and 2030? There are people across the world rethinking their allegiance to the Walmarts and IKEAs. They are cashed up and demand quality products that are unique, hand crafted and have an exotic Tasmanian provenance.

If we can just stop looking inward for a moment we can dig our way out of this pile of crap economic situation. We’ve got the tools AND the talent. We just need the will to enable entrepreneurship and stop locking people like me out.

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