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Archive for April, 2013

Old Film:: My Parent’s Wedding (1953)

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

My sister emailed me scans of two wedding photographs belonging to my parents. The first was clearly made by my father’s mother, Elvie Ruth Bonner. The second looks like it was a studio portrait.

Bruce and Vanda - Wedding Hobart

My mother and father married on Friday 11 September, 1953 in Hobart, Tasmania. A newspaper description says “With her bottle-green sun-ray pleated gabardine suit the bride wore pastel pink accessories.”

They had another service in Launceston, Tasmania. My mother borrowed my father’s sister’s wedding dress. I like that my mother is giving a cheeky smile in this one as though she was snapped unawares.

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Old Film:: Mother & Father in Love (1950s)

Friday, April 12th, 2013

My mother and father were hard working people from poor families. This photograph was scanned from a 6cm x 9cm film negative made by my grandmother Elvie Ruth Bonner (1901-1986). I’d take a couple of punts on the second photograph to say I think it could have been made just after my parents were married (counting my fingers back to possibly 1952… my father was born in 1933 and married my mother, then 17 years old to his 19 years old) and it looks very much like the side of the East Tamar Midlands Highway, Tasmania. My parents were obviously very much in love.

Mum and dad on their wedding day, 1953

Mum and dad on their wedding day, 1953

It’s easy to look at photographs and miss the fact our parents were born and found their stride in hard times – the 1930s through to the 1960s. Life required hard prolonged decades of manual work to raise and educate a family in a shit-hole industrial town. My father worked a staggered shift for most of his adult life, while my mother worked as a nurse, then in a wool mill, a shop and finally twenty years as a nurse’s aide in an old people’s home at Low Head, Tasmania.

My father passed away from chronic lung disease in 2000 (a month after his younger brother Nig). My mother is still alive in her mid 70s.

The shit-hole of an industrial town is still doing what it does best. Without the employment. It’s where my old father spent his last years being preyed on by dirty weak scumbags; the ones who were too afraid to come after me.

Update: My sister informs me our parents were married in Hobart, Tasmania in late 1953. These photographs were made on that day.

Cool Clique is a mostly Negative Subculture

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

When I first started paying attention to the film photography community on social media it seemed an inclusive bunch of people with a common interest. But over time I’ve realised there are cliques and gangs just like any other group dynamic. Large Formatters. Black & Whiters. Lomo. Technicians. Leica fanboys. Collectors.

Self portrait with brolley

All cultures are made up of sub-cultures that push and pull against each other to support the general group ideals. Think of culture as the glue and sub-cultures as the mix of chemicalia that makes that glue a particular type or style of glue. Over time, a negative chemicalia (sub-culture) can quite easily affect the style of the glue (wider culture). As can positive chemicalia in the opposite direction.

So, as an example, I invest myself into the film photography culture and enjoy buying the odd camera, shooting a bit of film on a semi-regular basis, sharing them online (as ordinary as they usually are) and sharing film photography documentaries on Twitter. I have a science degree (an undergrad degree in computing) so I find scientific answers important when bold claims are made about technology that should be questioned. The older I get the more relevant history (and science) becomes. This is the sub-culture, or over-lapping group of sub-cultural interests and groups, that I fit into.

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