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We don’t want to be a Tribute Band

One of the challenges we’re finding with mead is that people equate it with wine and the grape paradigm. It’s partly why we were trying to avoid using wine bottles (and we’re still hunting for something a little different). There are certainly enough meaderies involved in wine-like business models; we’re hoping to pursue a niche outside that experience.

In this context, a recent quote from an article – How I Created Sharp’s Quadrupel Ale, 10% – might find it’s way onto our wallspace:

As a brewer, you are never going to make better beer by brewing the same beer as everyone else. By making a clone of your favourite beer, you are doing the brewing world’s equivalent of forming a tribute band. Stuart Howe

Those words also apply to mead. But not just in the style of mead; also, in the way mead is viewed, experienced and promoted. And we really don’t want to be a tribute band for Tasmanian wineries. Or other meaderies.

Our motto is There are no rules in Mead Club.

Yes, we absorb market ideas from all over the World and in a tiny sense we sometimes test those ideas out on a small scale. And we spend a lot of time considering how those ideas got to market against prevailing norms. Hopefully some of those ideas may even diverge in our hands over time. Maybe not.

All we know is, if we eventually do get our ducks in a row for licensing and commercial production, this story has to be written in our own hand. It can’t be dictated by others trying to constrain us to their perspective.

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