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Slow Food, Slow Photography, Slow Booze

Three core values that we share at Morgan’s Barn Mead are an appreciation for slow food, slow photography and slow booze.

Slow food is a core value that we express when shopping for local produce. Our honey is sourced from two local apiaries and apple juice comes from local orchards. We can’t do much about spices because Tasmania is a World away from the global spice trade. And we don’t spend money at the fast food joints – we cook meals with basic healthy local ingredients… we buy Tasmanian wherever our nutritional ingredients are accessible.

Slow photography is a core value the mazer expresses in the love of shooting black and white film. This core value is entwined with the other two with each feeding the other. Slow photography is about appreciating the quality and process of shooting analogue film. Product photographs will nearly always be shot as digital… but pretty much everything else shot around here will be on 35mm cameras, 120 medium format or something remarkably similar. We process our film negatives and scan them into a computer, but our darkroom lacks only the renovation. We have the enlargers and other equipment ready to roll (hopefully by Christmas).

Slow booze is a core value we express through the fermentation (and consumption) of mead products. Current focus is on non-commercial production of cyser and an apple and cinnamon melomel. We’ve got a short mead fermenting right now – raspberry cyser – we expect to bottle chilled and carbonated at around 6% ABV. If that works out we’ll push into that direction with the product over the next year.

There is nothing quite like embracing the slow lane – It’ll Shine When it Shines.

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