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We make Cyser, not Cider

Mead making (mazing) is one part booze creation, one part libation consumption and three parts a focus on public education about the art, science and romance of mead.

A classic example of that social misunderstanding about mead crops up nearly every time we introduce people to cyser.

“Oh,” they say. “Cider?”

“No,” we reply. “Cyser. It’s like cider in that we use crushed apple juice. However, unlike cider, we add honey for the yeasties to consume (rather than ordinary old sugar).”


“That 3KG-10KG of local honey (plus fruit and spice) added to a 23 litre glass carboy of local crushed apple juice makes an entirely different product than cider. The amount of honey and the variety of spices and the nurturing of healthy yeasties in the honey fermentation process have profound affects on the style of cyser.”

However, the best part of mead making is when you get to open somebody’s eyes to a new way of seeing alcohol. That can’t happen without putting a taste to their lips.

“Ohhhhh, that’s cyser.”

“Don’t get us wrong. We drink cider, too. We might even make some here and there for personal consumption in the future. But what we really like to make is something entirely different. We make cyser.”

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