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RIP Aunty Lenna “Teeny” Clark

Lenna “Teeny” Crossin (nee Clark) was an older sister of my father Lionel Bruce Clark and four times great granddaughter of the First Fleet convict Richard Morgan. She was a Watson of the branch from Catherine Marriott Watson (1851-1943). Catherine was the daughter of Brereton Ross Porter Pemberton Rolla Watson (1804-1877) and Catherine Wade (1809-1880). Catherine Wade was Richard Morgan’s granddaughter.

Betty and Teeny on a motorbike

The picture, above, of Aunty Betty and Aunty Teeny on the motorbike reminds me that we all have our seasons. She died today as an old lady and yet the photograph shows a vibrant young woman. Such is the nature of all of us. Nobody is getting out of here alive.

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