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The Mad Angry World of Raw Chilli

It doesn’t take too long to figure out that I’m a big fan of certain flavours. I absolutely adore a good traditional cinnamon cyser, for example. But I also have an eclectic taste for throwing raw chilli into the odd bottle of mead just for the capsaicin kick.

Raw chilli infused mead cocktails with apple juice and lime are a favourite. Or an occasional small glass of chilli sauce, chilli infused mead, lime juice & hard liquor hit the spot between tall cold tankards of stout.

But chilli is a beast that changes attributes within mead over time. Usually, for fast personal consumption, I sanitize small red chillis, slice off the stem ends & drop them directly into a bottle for drinking over the next week or two. That’s a simple home-spun way to infuse the capsaicin.

If you’re going to incorporate a raw chilli infusion to age then I’d suggest either using the traditional hessian spice sack that you remove after a few days to a week, or rack the mead onto your raw chilli and rack it back off again after a week. Believe me, capsaicin rapidly infuses a powerful dosage.

The only real issue I’ve found with the raw chilli infusion for personal consumption is that (raw or fermented) capsaicin in mead changes over time. I enjoy the spiciness and the aromas of fresh raw chilli in my glass. It calls for barbecued prawns and cold beers, to accompany it. So I’ll probably keep dropping them into bottles just in time.

Oh, and if you put raw chillis into the fermenting mead with lime juice… the chilli will be negated. No heat at all. If you need to know why then you might ask a chef.

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