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Sharing a 2 Year Old Cyser

A while ago I gave friends a bottle of cinnamon cyser and they’d been keeping it to share with me. So when I dropped by for advice last night on how to get out of this phase as rapidly as possible – well, we had to crack a small glass and talk mead for an hour.

It’s absolutely brilliant to sit down with people who are interested and care about what I’m doing. Holding the glass up to the light she says “It’s got legs, as Iain would say.”

That cyser has held up well over the last two years. I was gobsmacked how much it has improved with age, too. We’ve loosely planned a mead cocktail night somewhere in the near future and that’ll drag out the old spirit of our friendship as we enjoy the most immaculate of all best dressed heroes of city living – booze. Living in the city without wine, beer and laughter is bullshit.

So I may go quiet for a while. The sun might rise and fall another year before Morgan’s Barn Mead has bottles to share with you. But share we will. And next year’s vintages will be their old self, not the rubbish that I made buckling to consensus from other mazers. The pure way is what I do – keep your chemicals and extra spoons of stuff for industrial control. It’s not me.

What I’m about is making 10,000 years of history shine inside a glass. It’s that simple. Drink it how you feel comfortable.

And we lost a vintage, but so what. Life is about living, love, passion and adventure. Never kill the wild things in your life. Roar when you must. That’s our adventure.

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