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Archive for November, 2013

Vogue Masters & Focus Series

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Over the last week I’ve really enjoyed watching the Vogue Masters series on YouTube. They’ve only been online for a few months and it was a generous surprise to discover these photographers weren’t shooting fashion. Their names were mostly new to me apart from Bruce Weber, Steve McCurry and famous LIFE editor John G. Morris.

  1. Vogue Masters: Bruce Weber – 14 mins
  2. Vogue Masters: Antonin Kratochvil – 20 mins
  3. Vogue Masters: Davide Monteleone – 18 mins
  4. Vogue Masters: Donna Ferrato – 21 mins
  5. Vogue Masters: Antoine D’Agata – 19 mins
  6. Vogue Masters: Franco Pagetti – 36 mins
  7. Vogue Masters: Christopher Anderson – 14 mins
  8. Vogue Masters: Erwin Olaf – 23 mins
  9. Vogue Masters: Steve McCurry – 13 mins
  10. Vogue Masters: Alex Webb – 19 mins
  11. Vogue Masters: Jérôme Sessini – 16 mins
  12. Vogue Masters: John G. Morris – 18 mins
  13. Vogue Masters: Stanley Greene – 25 mins
  14. Vogue Masters: Alessandro Imbriaco – 14 mins
  15. Vogue Masters: David Alan Harvey – 9 mins
  16. Vogue Masters: Giovanni Soldini – 1 min
  17. Focus On: Per-Anders Pettersson – 14 mins
  18. Focus On: Veronica Etro – 12 mins
  19. Focus On: Stephanie Sinclair – 11 mins
  20. Focus On: Erik Kessels – 19 mins
  21. Focus On: Cristina de Middel – 21 mins
  22. Focus On: James Estrin – 8 mins
  23. Focus On: Tony Ray-Jones – 3 mins

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