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Yes, My MBAS & BComp Degrees were Earned

It’s been suggested on several occasions that I have somehow not earned my academic qualifications. Or, they are somehow invalidated or were given to me. Something I find a little offensive. I qualified to enter both my university degrees and worked particularly hard during both. In fact, I worked part time through the Bachelor of Computing as a web professional (ending in 2008) and chose to enter the MBAS Program (which I also qualified to undertake) full time in 2009-2010.

Standing with Srikanth Kamma and friends after graduation from the MBAS in December 2010

As a web professional I have worked for private and public clients both as a contractor and occasionally as an in-house employee. I have had private sector clients from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the United Kingdom and Dubai. I’ve worked for the Tasmanian Education Department’s Web Strategy & Support Unit, I’ve taught hand coded web design for a semester at TAFE College and worked as a web developer on contract, then in-house, at the now defunct Tasmanian Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts. I also spent a semester at the Tasmanian Department of Economic Development as an undergrad working on an internal paper to assess the cost value of the unemployed.

The vast majority of the work that I’ve undertaken as a web professional was by invitation. However, since I graduated in 2010 from the MBAS Program there has been no real interest on my part to go back to plod coding websites. Yes, I could probably scrape a crap spare change from it but the market is over-saturated with a constant race to the bottom and a need to pull about $100,000 in the door to achieve a decent wage. So there… I’m currently one of the 800,000 Australians collecting a Disability Support Pension. A pension that underpinned my university education as work came and went.

Prior to that I had served in the Royal Australian Navy, worked on fishing boats, farm work and spent a decade and a half in prison. Regardless of what anybody has to say on the question of my academic record – I earned it.

The hard way. Pretty much dirt poor.

Currently I shoot a bit of amateur film photography and make some pretty nice Tasmanian artisan mead. That said, yes, eventually we hope to commercialise – given all the above. That should be an expected path forward rather than one that occasionally rankles feathers.

The following is my academic record from the University of Tasmania and several trade certificates that I also earned. The hard way.

Bachelor of Computing

  • KXA151 Programming & Problem Solving (HD 84%)
  • KXA153 Computer Applications (HD 81%)
  • KXA154 Software Process (CR 66%)
  • KXA155 Professional Computing (HD 86%)
  • KXA156 Multimedia & Web Applications (DN 73%)
  • BSA102 Information Modelling & Infrastructures (CR 67%)
  • BMA101 Introduction to Management (HD 87%)
  • BMA121 Management of Human Resources (HD 81%)
  • KXA252 Artificial Intelligence (CR 68%)
  • KXA253 Software Design (CR 62%)
  • KXA254 Operating Systems (DN 72%)
  • KXA281 Advanced Web Development (DN 78%)
  • KXT201 Algorithms (DN 76%)
  • BMA201 Organisational Behaviour (HD 88%)
  • BSA207 Web Management (HD 81%)
  • BMA251 Principles of Marketing (DN 76%)
  • KXA355 Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing (HD 80%)
  • KXA358 Human-Computer Interaction (HD 85%)
  • KXT301 Software Engineering Project A (HD 80%)
  • KXT302 Software Engineering Project B (DN 72%)
  • KXT307 Computer Networks (DN 73%)
  • BSA309 Multimedia Professional Placement (DN 78%)
  • BAA321 Corporate Internship (DN 78%)

Note: Placed on the Dean’s Roll of Excellence for the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology for 2007.

Master of Business Administration (Specialisation)

  • BMA581 Organisational Behaviour (HD 90%)
  • BMA584 Marketing Management (DN 75%)
  • BMA684 Electronic Marketing (HD 83%)
  • BMA773 Management Ethics (HD 84%)
  • BMA774 International Business Management (HD 87%)
  • BMA787 Entrepreneurship (HD 88%)
  • BMA799 Strategic Management (HD 89%)
  • BEA681 Data & Business Decision Making (CR 68%)
  • BEA683 Economics for Managers (HD 80%)
  • BFA772 Finance for Managers (PP 58%)
  • BFA582 Financial Reporting & Analysis (DN 74%)
  • BFA682 Law for Managers (HD 82%)
  • HEJ504 Media Writing (DN 76%)
  • HEJ606 Advanced Journalism (HD 80%)

Other Units & Certificates

  • HEJ505 Investigative Journalism (UTAS:: HD 84%)
  • Website Design Certificate IV (TAFE:: 2004)
  • Website Administration Certificate IV (TAFE:: 2005)
  • CCNA1 Networking Basics (Cisco) (UTAS:: 2007)
  • CCNA2 Router & Routing Basics (Cisco) (UTAS:: 2007)

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