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Visions & Images with Barbaralee Diamonstein

Visions and Images by Diamonstein and Callahan

The Visions and Images television series from 1981 was one of the first I ran across on the Internet when I went looking for documentaries. In the half hour show, Barbaralee Diamonstein interviews a short list of heavyweight photographers, one per week, about their work and thought processes and these are all well worth taking the time out to watch on YouTube. For a quiet Sunday afternoon this week you could do a lot worse than lay back on the couch watching five hours of interviews with the likes of Erwitt, Horst or Callahan. Sadly, four episodes of the series never made it onto YouTube, but here’s hoping that someone may eventually get hold of a copy to share. The Visions and Images series also came as a book authored by Barbaralee Diamonstein and Harry Callahan.

  1. Visions & Images: Duane Michals – 28 mins
  2. Visions & Images: Harry Callahan – 30 mins
  3. Visions & Images: Joel Meyerowitz – 30 mins
  4. Visions & Images: Garry Winogrand – 30 mins
  5. Visions & Images: Horst P. Horst – 28 mins
  6. Visions & Images: Frederick Sommer – 28 mins
  7. Visions & Images: Elliott Erwitt – 29 mins
  8. Visions & Images: Arnold Newman – 28 mins
  9. Visions & Images: Barbara Morgan – 29 mins
  10. Visions & Images: Cornell Capa and Burk Uzzle – 29 mins
  11. Visions & Images: Andre Kertesz – 0 mins
  12. Visions & Images: Ray Metzker – 0 mins
  13. Visions & Images: Aaron Siskind – 0 mins
  14. Visions & Images: Alfred Eisenstaedt – 0 mins

If you’re interested in more film photography documentaries then you might find value in visiting the Film Photography Documentary List.

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