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Archive for June, 2015

Polaroid Photography in Erotica & Pornography

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Polaroid film has made a strong comeback over recent years. So it seems only appropriate, as a major consumer of offline and online erotica and pornography, that I offer a long overdue hat tip to Polaroid technology for it’s place within those (arguable) genres.

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Self Portrait in Cloth Cap

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

I like this natural light self portrait because of the strong eye contact and the softness of that left hand and cap brim.

Ilford FP4 125 shot on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1+24 for 9 minutes at 22 Celcius

Three Carboys of Mead in the Basement

Monday, June 8th, 2015

If you walk out of our bedroom through a small kitchenette, down a tight spiral of narrow stairs, past a door, several cat litter boxes and into a small bathroom, then through the locked door on the other side – there are three 23 litre glass carboys of freshly fermenting mead. The carboys contain a chilli braggot, a chilli cinnamon cyser and a freshly made cinnamon cyser.

I remember watching a show on television that mentioned cyser. A large Welsh lady sitting in her caravan proudly stated that she wasn’t drinking cider… she was drinking cyser. Cyser. Apple juice fermented with honey.

Of course, cyser is not anywhere near as financially viable as producing cider (apple juice plus sugar) so you probably won’t see a lot of cysers in your boozer. A bottle of that chilli cinnamon cyser will set me back around $8 per bottle to make. The ABV (Alcohol by Volume) should come in at around 12-14 per cent. Even if I cut my inputs by producing in commercial bulk quantities it would be difficult, after taxes, to turn much of a profit.

The compounded potential business cost would be that it takes over six months to ferment and then sits in a bottle (or a fresh whiskey barrel, God forbid) until at least another year has passed. That’s a hell of a lot of lazy capital sitting in the cellar between the purchase of inputs and a potential commercial sale.

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