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The Accumulation of Minor Misjudgement

Here’s an interesting thing to consider in your quest to avoid major problems when shooting pictures. The incremental errors that can creep into workflow. Often these will cancel each other out – a little too much exposure + a little less chemical and it’s like a balanced investment portfolio. Mostly it doesn’t fall over in the wrong direction. In this instance I accumulated errors by (a) forgetting to reset the camera from ASA80 to ASA125; (b) shooting to the over-exposed end of the meter; (c) adding slightly too much rodinal developer to process the film negatives; (d) having that film developer slightly warmer than usual, and (e) using a stop bath that should have been replaced. So there are my accumulated small errors of judgement on this roll of film.

Ilford FP4 125 shot as ASA 80 on a Nikon F2A Photomic
Rodinal at 1+24 for 9 minutes at 24 Celcius

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