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Neil Diamond in Melbourne

It was nice getting out of Tasmania for a couple of nights holiday. Megan and I ate a lot of good food, roamed the inner city streets of Melbourne with rural Tasmanian gusto and sat up in the middle of Rod Laver’s way-up-high-in-bum-fuck seats for a couple of hours of Neil Diamond. For a man in his 70s, Neil banged out song after song like the old showman we expected. It was a great little holiday.

Of course, it would have been nicer to be there for a week. The food and coffee in Melbourne’s central business district are sublime. But the beds in the Mercure Treasury Gardens are like having to sleep on an unpadded pile of railway sleepers. And our requested city view was of a nondescript littered roof area above the Mercure entrance where old socks and a not-quite-empty iced tea bottle flew circuits in the wind as mock salutation to The Tasmanians.

The time away was nice for our relationship, too. Next week it will be two years since we first met over coffee and almost spontaneously decided to run away together. Falling in love is a little like that. Unexpected. Even today I look across at my confidante, best friend and lover and feel that flutter of knowing that I probably don’t deserve to be this lucky. Megan could have picked any number of men to be her lover. For some crazy reason she chose me. And that’s why we were at the Neil Diamond concert; because, in my lonely flat at New Town I would phone her at 3am just to hear her gorgeous voice.

Yes, I like her overt sexuality. Yes, I follow her around like a fixated fuck-puppy. No, I’m not into 1950s style relationships that require a specified sexual direction. She’s a free bird and unconventional suits me fine. And that’s probably the glue that will keep us excited into old age. That, Neil Diamond and being in love with each other. She’s already excited about the next holiday. Watch out Canberra.

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