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Our Australian Faux-Mamajuana is Lovely

The foray into trying an Australian Faux-Mamajauna went really well. I used the two finger rule where two horizontal fingers of red wine and two horizontal fingers of good honey were combined in the spice bottle with two fingers (thumb to index) of Bundaberg Select Vat Rum.

The result is surprising for a drink that would have to carry an ABV of around 30 per cent (60 proof). I could taste the cinnamon and berry flavours with a strong nearly medicinal smell. This worked in a really good way. The drink is spicy, fruity and extremely smooth without being sickly sweet. It’s a liqueur.

So if you’re thinking of that little something nobody else will sell you then I’d suggest you follow the recipe. I think only adding things you’d eat in your food was a good place to start. But be careful, it packs a punch.


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