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The French Erotic Photographer Hubert Toyot

When I went to research one of my favourite erotic photographers from the 1960s-1970s it appeared to be a no-brainer. Hubert Toyot (1932-2012) images aren’t that difficult to find online. He shot pin-ups for magazines and stills from several French erotic movies dated to the early 1970s. However, Toyot seems to have faded away into obscurity.

It is only in recent years that Toyot’s erotic mastery behind the camera is gaining new recognition. And deservedly so. Because some say that Toyot was overshadowed in his day by the much more famous erotic photographer Serge Jacques.

Which is a fair argument, I guess. Toyot shot a lot of erotic work that dates to that popular style. His pictures show all the 1960s influences that drove Carlo Mollino in that secret project; or André Bélorgey; or Roland Carre. Some even refer to Toyot as the French Harrison Marks, a bold but not unwarranted comparison. Toyot was probably all those things and overshadowed by the lot of them.

That being said, Hubert Toyot has long been one of my favourite erotic photographers of that era. He doesn’t seem to have made photography books or held any exhibitions of his work. Toyot’s pictures have mostly faded into the landfills of French erotica. And, as good as he was, Toyot ended up in obscurity so there wasn’t even a Wikipedia page or biography to reference his life. But, Oh the Work! The man shot amazing photographs.

Girl on a chair by Hubert Toyot

Brunette holding her breasts by Hubert Toyot

A dark man and a light woman by Hubert Toyot

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