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Super-Hopped Beer Kit Braggot

My last post on Fast & Easy Beer Kit Braggot was enough to get you started. On this occasion, I also chose to hop the braggot because it was being made in a beer style. And, yes, I went crazy with the hops. And, yes, hopping at this stage of fermentation is a little unconventional (but that’s my middle name).

At this stage, the braggot had fermented in our basement for approximately 4-5 weeks. I racked one-quarter of that braggot (a murky sink water beige colour) into a freshly sanitised 5 litre fermenter and bottled straight away with a few Citra hop pellets in each bottle; carbonated with demerara sugar. I put these bottles aside in a dark place.

That left me with the remaining 15-or-so litres of braggot in my basement that I intended to super-hop. No, that’s probably not a term, but you get the point. I wanted this braggot to pack a pucker.

In the kitchen I steeped 130 grams of Carafa and 170 grams of Amber malt grain in the oven at 70 Celcius for 30 minutes and poured that liquid into a large pot of boiling water. I boiled 50 grams of Galaxy hops for 60 minutes, 20 grams of Nugget for 40 minutes and 15 grams Citra hops for 15 minutes. That boil refilled most of the missing quarter of the original braggot back to around 20 litres (with a little water added to complete the fill). A week later I dropped 15 grams of Citra hops into the fermenter and bottled three days later using demerara sugar as a carbonation primer.

I’ve tried a few of those bottles already and they are certainly as hoppy as fuck. And after about three-to-four weeks the braggot lost any grassy flavour related to the late and prolific hopping.

Now, the smell in the glass is entirely the hops. The taste from the glass is extremely heavy in hops (which I enjoy for the pucker) and includes a fresh honey back taste. A nose inside the empty glass smells like the fresh high quality honey that I purchased from the apiarist. That is one fine braggot.

So don’t tell me I didn’t follow the rules of braggot, beer or mead in anything that I’ve written. I don’t give a toss. Follow your tongue, take no prisoners and dare to make mistakes. That 20+ bottles of super-hopped motherfucker is just what I wanted. And the stronger 5 litres I racked off earlier is just as lovely. There really aren’t any rules with braggot. Give it a try.

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