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Another Good Man will be Laid Low Today

An old friend will be cremated this afternoon, on what would have been his 50th birthday, laid low to lung cancer in what should have been his prime. Scott Riley will be sadly missed.

We met in the hard yards back in the day. Say no more. Scott was the stereotypical cheeky bogan larrikin who grew up hanging around the streets getting into mischief. I met Scott through the father of the girl who had Scott’s earlier children; she died young from asthma. So it was good to see that Scott met Linda and found a good path through life, when he could have easily chosen something else (a reference there to Train Spotting). Fundamentally, my old friend Scott was a very good man. Linda might not have made him that good man, but she certainly polished the edges and gave him the ambition to succeed.

Scott Riley was one of the few I chose to associate with after my release. And, to some regret, one of the many I had to cut loose to get a decent life for myself without being dragged by the minions of the local underworld back into prison. I did it by severing all my associations and relationships, especially after my family disowned me following the death of my father. I headed back to school for a decade of higher education, got two degrees and ended up with a good life for myself. Scott got out of that life by finding solid work and making new friends.

So I’m a little sad today that my old friend has passed away and will have his funeral this afternoon. Because I never did get around to catching up again. Because he really was a very nice guy who made everybody feel welcome. And because he was a hard man in the sense that I know and recognise hard men from the old days with a hat tip of that certain respect.

I met Scott Riley a couple of years after this photograph was taken. We were all young men once. We’ve been good and we’ve been bad. And we’ll all pass away with time. I hope Nikita doesn’t mind me using this photograph.

Scott Riley with his child

This is a more recent photograph from Jake’s timeline that captures his personality. Cheers, Scotty! And farewell.

Scott Riley enjoying his beer

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