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Austerity! (Book Review)

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Austerity! cover

One of my Christmas presents this year was Austerity! by Ronald Pattinson. If you’ve never heard of Ron you might want to go check his blog out at Shut Up About Barklay Perkins and watch the BeerSmith podcast #176 where Ron is interviewed about this book. And what’s the book about? Well, British beer. That is… British beer from 1945-1965 in the post-War period of Austerity. He’s an interesting beer history nerd with a lot of tabular information packed through the first half that lets you get your head around what beers they were actually making in that time period.

And I don’t mean in a general sense. Ron is a man of specifics (where he can inform) and educated information (where there are gaps in the record). Which is about the best we’re going to get on the subject if you’re looking to make these old recipes. People exactly like me who have a thing for history and making booze are the perfect market for his books.

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The Land Before Avocado (Book Review)

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Front cover of The Land Before Avocado

My Christmas included the thoughtful gift of The Land Before Avocado by Richard Glover. A book, I should explain, I had considered buying on the odd occasion and never quite justified the purchase. So it was a perfect present by definition – something I wanted but wouldn’t buy for myself. And, yes, I’m known to seek a warm nostalgia from my youth of the 1960s-1970s… and this is a book aimed at the foreheads of every human like me with that delusion. Because was it better back then? Honestly? And, if so, why don’t the statistics support this argument?

Glover paints a great picture of the abysmal food. Pre-1960 you could count the people from non-European countries in the hundreds (or merely tens, or less). We had been a British bastion on the edge of the World and under the White Australia Policy that pretty much meant there were us, the other Europeans we let come here and the indigenous population. We treated people appropriate to that order, too. Even as a heterosexual male there was a fine path to be trodden. Difference wasn’t what Australia tolerated – enshrined in Law were ideals of sexism, homophobia and racism. I’d even forgotten how bad these laws had been, partly because as a child/youth it’s really the only culture you know.

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Tokyo Lucky Hole (Book Review)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Tokyo Lucky Hole by Nobuyoshi Araki

Santa brought me a special gift this year in the form of Tokyo Lucky Hole by Nobuyoshi Araki and published by TASCHEN. If you don’t know anything about Araki then I’ll find it difficult to begin: Araki is a leading figure in Japanese erotic, bondage, pornography and art photography. His obsession for pushing the limits, the trademark round dark glasses and a boundless energy for sexual exploration have made him possibly the most recognisable face in the erotic genre. This book, created between 1983-1985, offers the reader over 800 photographs created behind the doors of Tokyo’s vibrant sex industry.

Araki was joined on these forays by Akira Suei, editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine Photo Age. The magazine featured mainly Araki’s work and pushed the boundaries of what was allowed in a Japanese publication of the era. When pubic hairs were made illegal in photographs they pushed back by shaving the models’ pussies. When their pussies were required to be covered in ink, Araki and Suei had the pubic hair manually inked onto the photographs. When underwear was required by law, the tactic was to use transparent material.

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