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Inside the Beer Fridge in February 2021

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

My hobby (and to some degree obsession) in recent years has been the pursuit of making good beer. I’ve been making beer for over a decade, but moved to all grain Brew in a Bag about three years ago and disappeared down the rabbit hole of science and chemistry. A big part of that hobby has been about learning to appreciate and value beer, especially some of those that I previously wouldn’t have considered worth the money.

The fact is that the more you learn about making beer and appreciating beer, the more you understand the value in barrel ageing, souring, wild and spontaneous beers. The more you learn about hopping, for example, the more you appreciate what it takes to bring you a good IPA in that glass at the cost you’re willing to pay.

In the beer fridge, I’ve got a few beers that are definitely for drinking in the near term; but there are also beers that I’d like to open in years to come. If I can resist the temptation. And I often fail. This collecting hobby has been a secondary part of my pursuit as a maker. I’m not interested in pursuing good examples of style so much as creating flavours that I want to drink from my own kegs and bottles. So you might love my beers or hate them. I certainly succeed and fail along that pathway. If it intrigues me, I make it. If I can’t buy something or it’s cost prohibitive, I think about making it. This week I’m drinking XPA and coffee stout; next week I’ll pull something else from the basement or the fermenters, or put on tap. That’s the joy of the hobby.

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The Secret to Human Success is Multiculturalism

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Back in the day, when I was an under-educated dipshit with right wing leanings, I would repeat a popular right wing mantra that multiculturalism has never worked. And I never questioned the logic, regardless that it came to me third hand in the way a cult tells itself a story of identity. I was a proud white man. The story fit my conclusions. White men were special. I hate to inform anybody of this one… but we’re not special at all. We’ve just had 200 years of might is right especially if it’s white.

So I thought writing an article about this mantra might be interesting… at least for those under-educated non-thinking right wing bigots who repeat that ignorant statement. Because it turns out that multiculturalism is what brought us out of the caves and into this crazy era of the Space Age homo sapien. Not DNA diversity, not bigger brains… the sharing of culture.

DNA Diversity is not the Secret of our Success

One group of people would have you believe that our genetic diversity is the reason for the homo sapien success story. Bollocks. Although we have this diversity of appearance that we as homo sapiens recognise in the finer details of faces … there is vastly more genetic difference between chimpanzees living on one side of a river to the other than there is between human beings around the planet.

In simple English, homo sapiens are more alike around the World than chimpanzees that live locally. So, no, genetic diversity didn’t make us this successful. In fact, there was a point in our early history where one father can be linked to all males. All males on this planet are related. At a point where human beings on the planet were reduced to approximately one thousand survivors of a cataclysmic event.

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Town Lore, Memory & the Bullshit of Time

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

I come from a small town in Northern Tasmania where I seem to have become a part of town lore over the last forty years. Particularly for some people with nothing better to do than gossip or pretend they are somebody important to those events. Sadly, if another person tells me they heard about “what happened at the caravan park” (one of many miss told tales of my invented biography) I’ll probably eat their face and wash it down with a pint of stout.

So I offer some corrections. Because on the Internet I can offer those corrections.

There was no incident at the caravan park. This story of town lore is based around several incidents in my youth that had no presence in any caravan park. Why is the lead in about a caravan park? To be honest, I have no idea.

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