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Jamie McCrossen Should Be Released on Parole

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Jamie Gregory McCrossen has spent the last 28 years in custody at Her Majesty’s Prison Risdon on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, Tasmania. Why? He robbed an antique store in 1990 with an antique pistol and later wrote a threatening letter to the witness signed in blood. He was 18 years of age.

He hasn’t killed anybody. Yes, he wrote that threatening letter, but keep it in context. With all of the crimes out here in the meantime it seems almost trivial. Terrifying for the witness, but relatively over-blown in reality. And having known Jamie for a number of years in our twenties I have to say he really couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. But he was fearless and would never back down. That attitude tends to scare the authorities.

Picture this guy. He stands (from memory) around 5’10, he appears thin and uncoordinated in a similar way to how we stereotype mild cerebral palsy (he is in no way an athlete or strongman), his stutter can be extreme. Because of this appearance and communication barrier Jamie has always been isolated from the average prisoner in courtrooms and inside prison. And this has combined with his bad attitude and highly intelligent brain to slowly dig this hole for himself through his twenties that keeps him locked up inside that prison.

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The Great White Shark Theory About Murderers

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

For some reason people think great white sharks plod around the ocean looking for opportunistic people to swallow. That would make them lazy bastards, at best. They’re apex predators, but they do prefer seals. You need a very hungry shark. Or, more likely, a mistaken shark. It prefers real food, not you. The same mistaken paradigm surrounds convicted murderers and the crime of murder.

It appears a lot of people have the idea that people who have murdered and served time for murder are opportunistically cruising the World looking for victims. A vulnerable person here, a homeless person there; something like a kleptomaniac left alone with a friend’s purse. There is an implied compulsion in that stereotype.

I hate to break this to you all, but in the vast majority of cases convicted murderers are less exciting. It just rarely happens that way and when it does the World should be shocked, just not overly shocked. Human beings, on the whole, can be total arseholes to each other and everything around us. Sometimes more than once. But it still doesn’t mean murderers are pathologically driven to take lives with abandon.

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Gay Marriage Rights Pass Through the Australian Parliament

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

The single most annoying part of the entire gay marriage rights saga in Australia is the sheer waste of money, resources and time that it’s taken to achieve the inevitable.

Rich powerful people like Tony Abbott sporked lobster dinners on the public dime trying to fight Australia’s way back to the 1950s against the public will … and they shit me no end. Because those same overpaid bastards are the first to point at a single mum on unemployment or an indigenous kid from the back of bum fuck and scream the house down about “taxpayer’s money”.

Well, that was a hell of a lot of money wasted. Not just on the plebiscite, or however you want to frame a non-committal postal vote intended solely to placate a rear-guard action by the pro-Christian right. But on the entire last decade or two of utter bullshit that preceded this eventual win on behalf of the decent Australian.

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