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poem for ross langdon (31 Oct 1980 – 21 Sept 2013)

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

becoming earth & dust
at mother’s feet;
she reads TaTa to me
over shards of tears
that soak through grass
& clumps of turned earth
right down into the gum roots
& blunt Tasmanian rock;

mother weeps quietly
& weeps constantly,
tears of tiny hands
& fingers
that i cling back to
from the past
as though light broke
over Slopen Main, then stopped,
a moment before the black.

i can see the mountain
from my slope;

i can see the river
that sang with whales
before our land filled with rabbits;

i can see the clock that stopped
on Africa-time, early afternoon,
near somewhere else;

& i can see my tiny rabbit’s face;
as i imagined her into being
beside elif.

i now make mud bricks
with mother’s tears & TaTa’s words
on a windy hillside beside kunanyi;

i am earth & dust.

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