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The Erotic Pictures of Roland Carre

Published on March 28th, 2017

European erotic photographers from the magazine Paris-Hollywood and it’s more successful title Folies de Paris et de Hollywood (1952-1974) seem to have faded into history. However, André Bélorgey and Serge Jacques are finding new attention in recent years along with the extremely talented Roland Carre. It’s just a shame there is little about their lives or motivations available to find. They are photographic mysteries.

André Bélorgey and Serge Jacques co-authored Studio Album No. 8 (Nouvelle Serie) with Roland Carre; while Jacques and Carre co-authored Art and Beauty No. 3. All three appear to have worked prolifically in a genre that may have been seen as less sensational to the Europeans. There seems to have been a dearth of published articles about their lives and work. And if their stories were published in magazines and books, only their pictures have reached the public Internet with a recent rise in demand for their work.

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European Tits & Arse by André Bélorgey

Published on March 4th, 2017

One of the daunting things with European photographers is the lack of information available on the Internet. André Bélorgey (1925-2009) shot for Paris-Hollywood in the 1960s alongside Serge Jacques and Roland Carre; he co-authored Studio Album No. 8 (Nouvelle Serie) with Serge Jacques and Roland Carre; he co-authored Etudes Plastiques with Roland Carre and K. Yoshikawa; and André Bélorgey authored his book Striptease: Des Annees 50-60. The information trail pretty much stops short there.

My current thinking on this consistent lack of information about guys like André Bélorgey, in contrast to the Americans or the Brits, is the differing history around photographic eroticism and pornography within different cultures. Even though Paris-Hollywood pushed the envelope, I don’t think these guys were really noted as social deviants. Perhaps in their time and place the erotic photographers and soft pornographers of the day were really no more special or interesting on the whole than any other photographer doing a job for money. Which is sad because I’m interested in who Bélorgey was and what influenced his work. I don’t own any of the books André Bélorgey authored/co-authored, nor am I likely to be purchasing them in the near future (except by luck) and I’m not even sure anymore where I picked up his dates for birth and death. They could be totally wrong and that should be noted.

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Serge Jacques & Paris-Hollywood

Published on January 22nd, 2017

Another subversive erotic photographer from the 1950s-60s was a Frenchman named Serge Jacques. He published the leading pin-up magazine in France for over a quarter of a Century. Cinema Paris-Hollywood in 1946 evolved as Paris-Hollywood through to 1952 and became Les beautes de Paris de Hollywood until 1953. From that year through to 1974 the magazine hit it’s real stride as Folies de Paris et de Hollywood. The magazine included erotic images by well regarded international photographers and models and printed 80,000 copies per fortnight at it’s height.

Yet there’s not a lot to be found on the Internet about Serge Jacques, beyond his pictures and magazines. He was once arrested in the street for possession of an erotic photograph displaying pubic hair that was inside his locked briefcase; the police regularly raided his studio and darkroom. The court appearances were numerous and as a result some issues of Folies de Paris et de Hollywood were deemed offensive to the public and removed from sale.

In the finest tradition of Taschen two books of his photographs were published – Serge Jacques (1998) and Paris-Hollywood (2001). That Taschen chose to publish two books of Serge Jacques’ photographs speaks to his importance as a photographer.

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