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Authentic Products Wield Authentic Stories

Too many products come out without realising the power of having an authentic story. They push a brand. They fill a need. But they don’t necessarily invoke the passion that inherently brought them into being.

I’m a mazer (mead maker) so I’ll use mead as a good example of a product currently being pushed that seems to be lacking an authentic story. If you’re a mead maker you could take this as an opportunity to reinvigorate your product and your business bottom line.

In the current paradigm we have mead primarily being framed in customers minds as honey wine. Or at least as a pseudo-wine. And a primary driver of this is that it’s often wineries looking to increase their lines and diversify their income who see mead as a natural extension. Sometimes they don’t even make mead; you can buy meade – a wine with honey added.

That’s a soulless product being stamped with the seal of heart wrenching mediocrity straight out of the box. Yes, there are a few small mazers selling their wares but for the main part their market is being primed and educated by those wineries.

It’s no wonder that when you produce good quality cyser or melomel for tasting that people can’t help themselves saying “Oh this one is like a sherry.” And in that frame of reference you have to wonder why somebody would pay $35 for a bottle of mead instead of a real bottle of wine.

Now try this repositioning of the mead. It’s the product of 9000+ years of human heritage in the glass. Mead predates agriculture and has been made, enjoyed and included as a cultural artifact from Africa to the Middle East to Eastern Europe. Mead isn’t a wine… mead is its own thing.

My cysers and melomels are made from organic Huon Valley apple juice and Huon Valley honey. When you drink my mead (in a shot glass or heated on the stove or in a pitcher on ice) you are enjoying that 9000+ year human experience of an authentic hand crafted artisan product – not a mass produced automated bottle pumped through a line of tens of thousands.

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