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Polaroid Super Shooter Down Under

On Friday afternoon a refurbished Polaroid “Super Shooter” Land Camera (circa 1975-77) arrived in a sturdy box from the US of A pre-loaded by Michael Raso of the Film Photography Project with a Fujifilm FP-3000B black and white pack film.

Also in the box was a fresh pack of Fujifilm FP-100C colour film & an antique box of Sylvania Blue Dot FLASHCUBES (3 cubes / 12 flashes). If you’re interested, Michael Raso has also created a great intro to Polaroid pack film cameras.

Note that Polaroid pack film cameras shoot Type 100 pack film that is still available from Fuji. But the other Polaroid cameras require their own corresponding correct types of film (available from the Impossible Project):

  • 600 cameras take PX-600 film
  • SX-70 cameras take PX-70 film
  • Spectra cameras take PZ-600 film

The Impossible Project have a great page that outlines all the different types of Polaroid camera and if you would like to buy film you can go directly to an Impossible Project store, the Film Photography Project store, Lofico (located in Australia) or other lomo and film websites. Film can be a little expensive but it’s definitely no longer that difficult to locate.

Nowdays I live by the motto – “Buy film not megapixels”.

I’m looking forward to the chance to shoot Polaroid over the next few weeks with this beautiful refurbished piece of photographic history. We had a Polaroid camera in the house when I was a teenager way back in the pre-historic 1970s. And, yes, it was almost too expensive to shoot Polaroid film way back then so not much has changed.

So a big shout out and broad thankyou from the antipodes to the the crew at the Film Photography Project and I’d recommend that you listen to their fortnightly FPP podcast. They’ve just gone on Summer holiday for a few months but the backlog of available archives should keep you tanked up for the duration. You can find Michael Raso on the Twitters @FilmPodcast.

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