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LO-MONA: The Potential Tasmanian Lomo Festival

This idea has been kicking around in my head for so long. So here goes. A Tasmanian lomo (lo-fi) film festival at David Walsh’s MONA (Museum of Modern and New Art). OK, here’s the two minute elevator pitch, David. LO-MONA: Tasmanian Lomo Festival for an International Audience.

First, look at the growing global trend that sees a resurgence of interest in film. The success of the Lomography company as a business model, the number of Holga’s and other plastic cameras being bought globally, the thriving business of second hand vintage cameras and groups interested in shooting film. I could bore you with a lot of links at this point but I’d waste the rest of my one-hundred-and-twenty seconds. In short, people see film and they go WOW.

Second, the presence of film in the art world has to be recognised. One of the main reasons is that film still provides a compelling picture almost impossible to imitate with digital cameras. So, while some artists are shooting digital, there are many artists who shoot anything from 135 through to large format film in their project work.

Third, a crucial connection exists between the type of person who likes to look at lo-fi images and the people who would come to Tasmania to attend a lo-fi film camera festival. MONA has the street cred to attract a sophisticated cashed-up audience of film shooters and it is an opportunity to connect with, and highlight, lo-fi photographers currently working in the Australian art industry. Big names will bring big numbers. Shooting film is not on the bogan radar.

Finally, if you’ve read this very fast, the opportunity exists to create an International low fidelity film festival unlike other photography experiences currently available in Australia. To attract a cultured audience to an accessible medium. And to introduce that cultured cashed-up audience to the MONA experience and local artisan produce.

Call me old fashioned but if I had the ready cash and street cred in the art industry I’d be thinking LO-MONA for 2014. Vineyards. Sun. Art. Photography.

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