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Sharing 1 Year Old Dark Cyser

There is a single 700ml bottle of dark cyser sitting in a box under one of the office desks. It’s a swanky looking flint glass bottle with a big fat cork that was lovingly sandpapered to fit. The liquid inside is almost black after a year (and it continues to darken); a dark cyser right at that perfect mid-range sweetness where you might be reminded of Christmas.

One thing I really like about experiencing this beverage is the dramatic change between the initial taste and the follow through. There’s no hint of alcohol when you put it to your lips. The first phase is a pleasant apple, the second is Christmas, and only in the third phase there comes a slow alcohol awareness that stealthily moves forward leaving a warmed stomach what seems like a solid twenty-to-thirty seconds later. That, my friends, is a drink to experience.

The 700ml bottle currently has around 650ml of dark cyser remaining. It’s the go-to bottle whenever I want to share with friends, family and visitors what mead can be.

There’s mead… and there’s a magic fusion of complex flavours that rolls over your tongue as a perfectly smooth after-dinner drink. This one has an ABV of around 14 per cent. After a year it has a sediment from the cinnamon. But don’t for a second mistake a metheglin’s spice residue for lack of class.

Like all the best vintages this dark cyser unfortunately dispersed among family and friends el rapido. We’re small batch non-commercial, so the concept of consuming our product to extinction is right there in our DNA. Letting mead age is one of our most challenging tasks and why we’re trying not to push it out there before maturity.

Thirsty lips sink vintage ships!

So this one bottle is all we have left to share at the moment. Tiny tastes for special moments. I love how this mead has dramatically changed over time – the sweetness has backed-off, the apple has receded then slowly come forward and the cinnamon almost maintains a separate high note.

Once again I can only say thank you to the bees.

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