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Can you be the Best or the Cheapest?

You should be aiming to be the best mead producer out there… or the cheapest. Yes, I know we’re currently in a stage where everybody is a brother or sister but as the market saturates with new producers there is an inevitable outcome. Competition.

So you say you don’t need to compete. OK. Fine. But, as the market saturates, those people will compete with you and if you’re not positioned correctly you might find a disappearing profit margin. Competition is part and parcel of choosing not only to be a mead maker, but a commercial mead producer.

At that point there are two successful positions in the market. The best mead out there. And the cheapest palatable mead out there.

In a saturated competitive market the middle ground gets hard to sustain. The average mead won’t satisfy the discerning customer and it will be too pricey for the budget customer.

All I’m saying is that if you’re looking at entering any industry it’s not a bad idea to have in the back of your head right at the beginning the answer to this one question: Where do you want to compete? The best or the cheapest.

Whatever you do you don’t want to be holding the can with just another mead product right in the middle. It’s food for thought.

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