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Our Products are Strumpet & Barn

I’m not a wine drinker. Oh I struggle through the odd rubbish red wine at art openings but I can’t say there’s a wine that I think tastes yummy. I can say the same thing about most of the mead I’ve tasted (especially plain mead) – but I’m sure a small kitten in purgatory burned as I struck the keypad to write that statement.

Every mead maker should believe their vision that everybody will love the produce. But the truth is: the vast majority of people won’t. And that’s perfectly fine. I’m not out to convince a beer or wine drinker to do anything different.

What I am interested in developing are two high quality Tasmanian mead products standardised within a tolerable variance. Both are drinks that I enjoy to my own taste. My favourite mead mixer is Morgan’s Barn Strumpet (an apple and cinnamon melomel) and my favourite straight mead is our Barn (cinnamon cyser). We don’t embrace anything outside that variance (by experiment or failure they are automatically pushed aside as seconds).

To explain the concept of seconds: If an artist made 100 paintings and has an exhibition of 15… then there are 85 seconds. That which the public may not judge. Yes, I live in an art household and it shapes my worldview. Are those 85 paintings rubbish? No. They’re just not the artists BEST work.

We don’t hand that variance a trite name for being a little dry or a tad too sweet and label it as quirky vintage. We’re mead producers – we’re mazers, not vintners.

And we follow our tongue on a never-ending experiment of mixing our two developed products with as many different liquids as possible. Cocktails. Alco-pops. We do nutrient deficient experiments like a naughty boy pulls apart an old clock just to see first hand how it all works. We drop in some Irish whiskey or spiced rum. Sometimes an experiment results in revelation. And, seriously, if you aren’t failing then you’re not taking enough risks!

We have loose plans to start working on a Viking Blod next year in honour of my Norwegian (maternal) grandfather who jumped ship in Melbourne in 1890. One of our number does own a cherry orchard.

So all we want is a commercial chance to make high quality Tasmanian product… rather than a faux mead Hermitage Grange. We’re working class people with working class aspirations. Our influences are certainly more focused towards craft brewers and cider makers than any traditional vineyard sensibilities about class, glass and social finery.

We are only concerned about developing the tastiest high quality Tasmanian mead worth drinking tonight. That’s why we do all the experiments!

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Steven Clark Steven Clark - the stand up guy on this site

My name is Steven Clark and I live in the Derwent Valley in Southern Tasmania. I have an MBA (Specialisation) and a Bachelor of Computing from the University of Tasmania. I'm a mazer & a yeast farmer (making beer, fruit wine and mead as by-products of continuous improvement in my farming practices). I'm a photographer, although my film cameras are currently silent. I do not tolerate idiots. I do not tolerate bigotry. I do not tolerate excuses. Let's be clear, if you sit with my enemies you my are my enemy for life.

Blogger. Thinker. Brewer. Drinker. Life partner to the amazing and incredible Megan.

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