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Raspberry & Vanilla Short Cyser (ABV 3.5%)

Glass of Raspberry & Vanilla Short Cyser

The short mead is one that falls below 6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). We’d been meaning to try this style for some time but kept putting it off. Short meads have less honey so they ferment much faster and apparently they don’t require an aging process. Above all, short meads are created in that beer strength range where you don’t fall off your chair after three drinks. The normal meads we make can do that.

The vanilla beans have been totally overpowered by the raspberry so we’ll dispense with any conversation about what our vanilla expectations may have entailed. The raspberries, as one would imagine, are dry and I’d go so far as to loosely say… wine-like qualities across the nose and tongue. The fruit is obvious and tart.

The refractometer says this cyser pulled up at 1.030 Final Gravity so the sugars are there. The dryness comes from that overpowering tang of wrapping your head inside a bucket of raspberries for a month. Well, it was around six weeks from start to bottle because less honey in a short mead leads to faster fermentation. Less of a sugar smorgasbord for the yeasties.

However, for some inexplicable reason, a long-neck-bottle-and-a-half of this cyser on an empty stomach caused considerable inebriation. And, of course, the experiment was repeated to prove it true. Served with a dash (to taste) of Bickford’s Lemon, Lime & Bitters.

Being a dry mead, there could be a much greater potential for developing cocktails because the sweeter meads often rule out adding any sweet ingredients.

Another point to note, the carbonation never took. It’s probably the Winter temperatures where those bottles were placed and/or the procrastination that put off bottling for a week longer than we’d desired. The yeast may have simply been dead at that point. But that’s fine; at least they didn’t explode like raspgrenades!

So, if you enjoy dry alcoholic drinks then this is probably your style. I might put the rest of this one away from the Summer, though. I’m thinking tequila after Christmas dinner. With a chug of freshly crushed apple juice.

But truly impressive is that the day after drinking and the bottle smelled like fresh raspberries. Not vaguely; totally. Maybe that’s why I’ve been sneaking back for thirds.

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