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I’ll Remember it as the Raspberry Dragonfly

You can call this cocktail anything you like but I’ll remember it as the Raspberry Dragonfly. The weekend hangover was not as impressive as the length of the extension this brought to Mead Hour.

The important step is the last one

  1. Take a pre-chilled 500 ml glass tankard & fill it to the four-fifths level with tart raspberry cyser – add some ice (optional)
  2. Pour in 20-to-25 ml of Bickford’s Lemon, Lime & Bitters cordial (a good dash)
  3. Fill near to the top with organic crushed apple juice & stir gently two rotations
  4. Finally, pour a shotglass (30 ml) of Bundaberg single vat double aged rum over the top

The beauty of this simple concoction is that the underlying tart raspberry is sweetened and complimented by all the other ingredients – the apple juice and the bitters. What I mean by that is they meld together into something without any particular element dominating. This part of the cocktail is simply a very enjoyable refreshing raspberry flavoured alcoholic drink.

Note that two rum shots on top overpowers the cyser. I’d recommend sticking to the one shot. But I know you’ll be tempted.

The single Bundaberg rum shot sits on the top of the cocktail the whole way down. So you get a rum hit at every sip and then the raspberry, juice & bitters behind it. If you like dark rum – like me – this is a nice way to enjoy the flavour.

However, the Raspberry Dragonfly is a beast to be respected. I hope you give it a try. But stay safe.

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