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Old Film:: Living in the 70s

The 1970s were dragster pushbikes, the freedom to leave home at breakfast and return at dinner… and not a personal computer or mobile telephone out there. These family snapshot photographs are scanned from 6cm x 9cm film negatives made by my grandmother Elvie Ruth Bonner (1901-1986) around 1974. I would have been in Grade 4 at George Town Central Primary School.

Family on the back lawn at Low Head in the 1970s

From left to right in the first picture are my older sister Sue, me (in the hat), a cousin (her name escapes me), my father, my mother holding my younger sister and my aunt Diane with her baby (later lost to cot death). We’d only moved from Lambert Street in George Town about a year earlier and were growing up in a rural setting. In larger files of this photograph the trees behind us on the vacant block next door offer up a gorgeous high contrast background. My grandmother included herself in this photograph as the shadow on the right.

<Birthday party at Low Head

Birthday parties were never my thing but I had one in 1974. From left to right across our back fence are my older sister Sue, John Fisher, Darryl Paul, me (in a cowboy jacket poking out my tongue), Glenn Sommers, Craig Conway and Phillip Boucher. If I got a marking pen there would be a few that I’d take out of that picture nowdays. John Fisher and Darryl Paul would get the red marker. I’m not sure what happened to Craig Conway. Glenn Sommers and I used to train at the George Town Boxing Club through High School and I hear he’s a long-time ambulance personnel and fire fighter who, like his father, has been a heavy contributor in time and expertise to the local community. Glenn was always a really nice guy. As was Phillip Boucher from Lambert Street.

So I guess this is a mixed bag of nostalgia for the early-to-mid 1970s when I was around ten years of age. Some people were shits; some were good friends. And family were a lot more extended than I remember after leaving Primary School.

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