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Share your Bed with a Convict

The simple truth of our position is we have great ideas and no money. What we do have in spades is an authentic Tasmanian story about convict redemption, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

Barriers to entry in the small batch artisan mead market aren’t that great. We’re not talking the keys to your castle. We’re talking realistic funds to implement a non-traditional mead enterprise that is prepared to take on the established order. And it should be apparent to anybody who regularly reads this weblog that my experiences within the Tasmanian prison system greatly increase the legitimacy barriers to Morgan’s Barn Mead entering that marketplace.

But we’re always going to be drinkers at Morgan’s Barn Mead; not quitters.

What we need to do is sit down in a quiet location with tasting glasses and a fast sketched out business plan and discuss what you want out of this investment. Control? Financial returns? Equity in the business? There are thousands of people willing to invest this amount of money on a horse race in Melbourne today.

So the initial financial hump isn’t insurmountable, but at the same time we have no intention of producing huge amounts of mead on an industrial scale. We’ll never be a factory.

In fact, when money comes in the door we’d like that to turn around and employ even smarter people that know a whole lot more about breaking all the rules in liquor production. We have to eat; so does this business. And so does an investor. We just need to figure out the order of priority so nobody starves to death on the way through commercialisation and early growth.

Think about it as you walk up to the betting shop this afternoon. What odds would bring your cash into the adventure of making liquor?

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