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Old Film:: The Boys iii (circa 1940)

I love this picture of the boys from around 1940 (given that my father, on the left at the rear, looks to be around 8-to-10 years old). My father was born in 1933. At front appears to be my Uncle Bill, front left in the coat appears to be uncle Kevin (known as Nig) and the two boys on the right are a total mystery. This photograph is scanned from a 6cm x 9cm film negative made by my grandmother Elvie Ruth Bonner (1901-1986). This is probably photographed in South West Tasmania around Maydena but it could have been Hobart or Launceston, for that matter. The boys were close as brothers and although my father and Nig both passed away from chronic lung disease in 2000, my uncle Bill still lives and is healthy in Queensland. It’s uncanny how Nig is the spit image of his son Dale at the same age and my father bears more than a striking resemblance to my older brother, Peter, as a boy.

My father, uncle Nig, uncle Bill and two boys

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