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Archive for April, 2014

Two Metre Tall Huon Dark Apple Ale (6.5%)

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Our Huon Dark Apple Ale starts as a rich and robust dark ale fermented with brewer’s yeast. We then add up to 25% whole apple juice from Tasmania’s pristine Huon Valley (or “Apple-HQ” as we like to call it!) and re-ferment with a selected champagne yeast. Extended tank maturation pre-bottling, a third fermentation in bottle and, preferably, months of bottle-age completes a very individual ale of extremely complex character. This ale truly is a ‘uniquely Tasmanian experience’ and can be enjoyed now or will reward cellaring by developing more complexity with age… 6.5% alc. vol.Two Metre Tall

I’m a big fan of the Two Metre Tall business model and their philosophy of making booze. I love that people are trying new tastes, educating their tongues and are ready to trust their experiences over the traditional boxes of what marketing and tradition have informed them booze should be. Like Two Metre Tall marrying a dark ale and a cider. That’s everything I believe in right there in a sentence.

This is an interesting company because as the Tasmanian cider industry eventually gets more competitive (expansion of existing businesses and new market entrants) the two places you’d want to be in that market are the best… and the cheapest. Everyone in the middle… the so-so cider makers… will come under pressure and probably fail.

In that context, I can’t see many cider makers even being in the same game as Two Metre Tall. Where competitors might add a few cherries, the Two Metre Tall business is about crafting new taste experiences like sour beer. Or in this case, dark ale married to the cider. That’s a winner strategy. Create new tastes, educate the market and move perceptions across to enjoying the new taste. And couple that with the skills to develop and brew these new tastes.

We very much enjoyed our six pack of Huon Dark Apple Ale procured at the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival on Sunday.

Bullies like Stan and “Stoner Yoshi”

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


I dreamed about Stan the Man last night. He was an older bully that I grew up around in the late 1970s; a guy I knocked around with in the early 1980s after I left the Navy. Stan, real name Danny, was just a characterless cunt. Not a fighter; just a bully. A common everyday turd.

Stan wasn’t an overly brave man either. He was like a slightly likeable Daffy Duck… a little proud of being sneaky, defiantly greedy about not sharing loot and committed to the creed of the cravenly coward. Yeah, he’d grab a much younger teen, back in the day, and steal (my) hot chips. But Stan lost the only fist fight he’d ever been in (caned by his brother Marco) and I’d never consider Stan to be a man of violence. Stan’s real claim to fame was intimidation.

So I grew up around a lot of bullies and spent decades of my life pulling their wings off like a little boy with a bug catcher and no conscience. Each of them will tell you a story about how they slipped over, they were gazumped, they tripped or were surprised. Luckily, for me, I’ve never looked like a fighter.

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