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Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy

OK so your business is in there plodding the hard yards of social media. You have a Twitter account and a Facebook account. You have a website that may or may not provide e-commerce or other services directly to your customers. You even have dedicated people in your business to keep this house of cards from falling over… but is your strategy integrated?

Listen to me for just a moment. An integrated marketing strategy is a pretty simple concept. The core idea is your print advertising points to your website, your website points to your social media, your van has your logo with your address and your website address – everything supports everything else. It’s integrated. Each element is in there for a reason.

Now stand back and look at what you’re doing on social media. Is it integrated? Does everything support everything else? Maybe you think it is… but maybe you need to take another look because this is a common technical mistake.

More than half the links that hit my purview from Twitter to Facebook resources lead me to a log-in page. Half is a lot of broken strategy.

If your social media strategy (which is a part of your integrated marketing strategy) links from Twitter to a post on Facebook then that link should work for everybody. If it doesn’t then don’t post (don’t market) the link. No marketing victim should receive a login screen required to view your content. That’s just a fact of business. They may not be a Facebook member, let alone a Facebook friend.

Consider the implications of those outliers – what do THEY see? Are they going to be annoyed at having their time wasted?

OK, back to basics. What is your job as a marketer (and yes you are marketing on social media)? Your job is to convince people who have YOUR MONEY in their pocket, or attention and time YOU DESERVE, to give it over to you; not to your competitors.

What is everybody else’s job? To decide whether or not you’re worthy of their attention and whether you deserve money. That’s their obligation finished. Their obligation isn’t to be a member of anything. Or to have a password. If you’re marketing to them the entire responsibility for the experience falls onto you. End of story. No excuses.

So back to the point I was making about integrated social media strategies. If you have social media islands (in other words, some rooms are secret members-only clubs) then don’t be foolish enough to send non-members of that club the web address of your secret bloody resources. Have each social media platform you choose to employ underpin the others with a shared conversation – open doors all the way. It’s that simple. Or figure out how to run a members-only club with discretion.

I know this is usually just an oversight of the social media marketer (and please don’t tell me you’re not marketing). But I’d suggest you open a web browser you aren’t logged into Facebook on and check the links before you post them. At least half of the Facebook marketing links I see from Twitter into Facebook have this error. And it seriously does you no service.

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