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Archive for October, 2014

Voyeur (Book Review)

Thursday, October 9th, 2014


Megan is a great fan of erotic photography so it’s interesting to see her finds in second hand book stores. Last week she found a copy of Voyeur edited by Charles and Steven Diamond in perfect condition for $20 and it’s a gem. A beautiful 9.5 x 9.3 inch black hardcover with quality black paper stock throughout and slipped inside a cardboard sleeve. The photographers inside roll off my tongue with fascination – Erwitt, Steichen, Winogrand, Steiglitz, Degas, Cartier-Bresson, Hockney, Hurn, Araki, Weegee, Davidson, Atget. Over 100 voyeuristic images from some of the best photographers of the 20th Century.

This book was published in 1999 with an essay by Luc Sante as an afterword. Sante offers a succinct look at the scopophiliac, the voyeur, the lover of photographic erotica. He discusses the pleasure of looking. The nuance of context. The passage of erotic voyeurism through the birth and early years of photography onto the present. In Sante’s words, photography gave us the non fiction of erotica, as opposed to the drawings and paintings filtered through an artist’s mind. The camera allowed us to see real flesh and real people in real settings. And we, as real people, enjoy the taste of the forbidden as presented in these pictures.

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Competitors: The Sports Experience (Book Review)

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Competitors: The Sports Experience

Several months ago we picked up a copy of Competitors: The Sports Experience: Australian Sporting Photographs 1950s to 1980s by Daniel O’Keefe and Ann Atkinson. The grand price of $1 at a local op-shop reveals how photographers interested in older work can slowly pull together a small photography library given a small budget and some boot leather.

Competitors: The Sports Experience contains an impressive body of Australian sports photojournalism from another time. I’d argue, a better time. A time when sports photojournalists seemed to be allowed into the thick of the game, race or melee. Rather than consigned to approved areas of the ground and restricted from behind-the-scenes photo-opportunities. And that level of access to the players and the heart of the game paid dividends in their work.

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Euthanasia for Prisoners is a Bad Idea

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Philip Nitschke, at the forefront for advocating the right to euthanasia, has written an article for The Guardian titled Euthanasia is a rational option for prisoners facing the torture of life in jail. Nitschke’s article discusses a court ruling on a Belgian murderer / rapist aged 55, incarcerated since the 1980s, granted permission for voluntary euthanasia under Belgian law.

Under the Belgian model, physical or psychological suffering that is incurable or constant can be the grounds for voluntary euthanasia. What is there not to agree with? The Belgians’ progressive approach shifts the debate from the semantics of “terminal illness”, a definition that is notorious within medicine, to a focus upon a person’s quality of life, as experienced by them.Philip Nitschke

I am an ex-prisoner from the Tasmanian prison system originally sentenced to the Term of my Natural Life, so I would point out a few concerning details about Nitschke’s argument. Because it would be a devastating move to Australia’s national position on the Death Penalty if we progressed in the same direction.

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