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Anti-Halal Boycotters Certainly Fund Terrorism

There is a growing wave of Australians opposed to the idea of Halal Certification and they claim it funds terrorism. A total crock of rubbish. You want to know what funds terrorism and you want to stop funding it? Oil. That means giving up all THIS STUFF MADE WITH OIL and more. Terrorists aren’t funded by Halal Certification; they are funded in part by our lifestyle.

So if you want to stop funding terrorism then I suggest you stop buying fuel and driving that motor vehicle. I’d throw away all that plastic in your life. Paint. Oil filters. Aspirin. Hair Dye. Cortisone. Floor wax. Putty. Balloons. Crayons. Ammonia. Asphalt. Here’s another PARTIAL LIST OF OIL PRODUCTS and YET ANOTHER SMALL LIST and some Wikipedia goodness on petroleum products. The point of those links is to get the reader to realise that we are tied into the Oil Age on Planet Earth.

Nearly everything we think of as the Modern World, including ALL the enablers of this phase of globalisation, pretty much comes from our demand for fossil fuels. One of the most important commodity prices on the planet is oil or petroleum. This stuff is what we make our computers out of and it’s what we use to ship and fly the ordered goods to our doorstep. We swallow, cover ourselves with and consume that oil as designed-for-redundancy products. We drive on roads. We wash our hair and dress in oil products. And if we don’t directly make something from oil then we probably use oil to bring it to market any-old-way.

Regimes sympathetic to terrorism own oil fields and we can draw a direct line to their funding of terrorist activities. But there isn’t that case to be made for Halal Certification.

First understand certification. Nearly all certification is about process, rather than product. The ticks on the side of the delivery vans are a good example. Those ticks, expensive for the business to gain, don’t say they’re the best courier in town. Those ticks say they have a consistent process. Certification standards are expensive to develop and expensive to assess. That delivery service business needs every one of their couriers in Australia to attain the same process to a certifiable level of consistency. The cost is born by you as the consumer. True. But it isn’t a tax. So claims that Halal Certification places a consumer tax onto society is simply wrong. That’s just how markets operate to bring all your goods to your cupboards. It’s only certification. Nothing more; nothing less.

Now, given all of that, I have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and I’d suggest nothing hurts a country like a bunch of people trying to shut down small businesses on the basis of conspiracy theory and barely veiled bigoted influence. I don’t care what food someone chooses to eat. It’s just product sold into a market segment. Nothing more; nothing less. Halal. Kosher. Whatever.

I’m not sure these people realise that every commercial kitchen has to pass a certification process just to be able to produce food for public consumption. There is safe food handling certification, responsible serving of alcohol certification – we have all sorts of certification in our commercial sector because we live in an affluent society that can afford high quality produce and services.

Our entire system of advanced economy capitalism is underpinned by three fundamental pillars – Certification, Licensing and Standards. Halal Certification is there so any joker doesn’t just try to label their product or service halal and sell into a market segment illegitimately. Market forces demand that assurance; businesses serve markets.

I’d suggest if you really want to stop funding terrorism you should consider living in a mud brick hut. Grow your own food without fertilisers and keep warm by a fire you started with a couple of sharp sticks. Think pre-Industrial Revolution without anything delivered by car, truck, ship or plane. That’s how you stop funding terrorism.

You certainly can’t sit in front of a modern computer or trot out a smart phone and claim Halal Certification is putting bullets in guns being shot at our countrymen. Not if your lifestyle is pinned to oil.

Yes, this article is overly simplistic. Terrorism is a wider issue than any religion, sect or group. But as a response to the anti-Halal Boycotter’s claims that Halal Certification funds terrorism – I’d suggest giving up oil.

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