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An Egg on the Head for Diabetes is just Dumb

As an MBA graduate I’d agree that pouring water on your head for a good cause sounds tempting. Bang for your buck in NPO advertising is a difficult gig. But don’t forget that wasting water is an abomination for a good part of the World – that insignificant other who don’t receive potable water. And don’t forget that 85 per cent of the World live on the driest half of the planet. In a similar manner it’s probably in bad taste to crack an egg on your head for diabetes (or the Not for Profit, JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

Consider this for a second. Food waste is a major problem in our society. About one third of food that we currently buy is wasted. In less affluent countries the same amount is lost due to lack of refrigeration and other constraints. Food is a valuable resource. It’s waste is a current global issue.

It’s bad enough that we let food go off in our refrigerator and then dump it into the rubbish. How arrogant we are to waste perfectly edible food, instead of cracking rotten eggs on our heads. As though eggs and diabetes and influenza are a natural marketing fit. Yes, I’m dubious on that relationship.

Also, realise that the food you buy doesn’t arrive out of thin air. And eggs don’t arrive like a puff of magic out of a chicken’s eager loins.

It takes a whopping 53 gallons of water to produce 1 egg. The chicken that produces the egg required resources to sustain in the way of food, shelter and maintenance. The egg didn’t wrap itself in a carton and arrive in your refrigerator. No. It passed through a factory at industrial cost (labour, lubricant for the machinery, electricity, the steel in the machines, the creation of those machines and the mining of the ore that became the factory).

Eggs passed through these expensive machines, were scanned, packaged and then shipped (probably by road) to your local store or supermarket.

So just for that second consider the true cost of smashing (or wasting) that vital nutrient of egg on your head like you were a superstar. Some, at least a few, won’t think what you’re doing is a noble thing. Smashing an egg on your head for diabetes is like shooting a duck for better cinema. Unrelated. Environmentally callous.

Now to the social objection. Each month Australian charities are turning away 60,000 people for food relief and 2.2 million Australians live in poverty. There has been an 8 per cent increase over the last 12 months in the number of Australians seeking food relief. And it is going to get worse as the economy shifts away from a resource boom back to a service economy.

In any major city (perhaps in country towns) you can go to the Central Business District after the shops close and watch NPOs feed the homeless, the hungry and the invisible others. Our zombie apocalypse is a disease called poverty. It’s not because these people are lazy; it’s not a lifestyle choice; that hunger is because there are two Australias – one where everyone has a refrigerator full of eggs to waste; another Australia where it’s a struggle to feed the children.

So, apart from the sheer waste of our communal resources, there is an affluent arrogance to wasting those eggs on the head of the privileged. It’s certainly no surprise that people around the World hate us for our skin and perceived wealth when they are exposed to this style of viral marketing.

Yes, you go crack an egg on your affluent head tonight. Post that picture to social media. Feel important. I could possibly hear the starving quietly gasp at your benevolence; except, of course, the hungry don’t have Internet connections to like social media memes, or time for narcissistic forays into viral back slapping. The hungry are simply busy wishing they had another egg.

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