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Celebrating our Two Year Coffee Anniversary

Two years ago this morning I waited for Megan in the crowded carpark of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. I had my Zenza Bronica ETRS medium format camera and hoped to have an enjoyable coffee with somebody I’d grown to enjoy on Twitter. The moment she got out of her car I was smitten. That’s how life turns on a dime some days and I have never been happier.

Today we went and saw Sicario starring Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin. Then we ate fish and chips on the seat down by the waterfront where we first sat and talked. We had a coffee at the Museum just like that first morning. And then we did a bit of shopping and came home to bed. Because that’s where lovers renew. In bed.

And we are lovers. She sees me in a World that seems to deny my existence. She sees me beyond the incessant ramble that I use to shut the overdrive of my brain. She sees me when I feel sad about something that seems unimportant to anybody else. She sees me when I walk into the bedroom with a rose, chocolate and coffee. She sees me. We are lovers, best friends and confidantes.

So today was a special day for our relationship. Two years. I’m not sure how to count that two years in orgasms, personal satisfaction, or the amount of chocolate / booze consumed. But it’s probably a shit-fuck-ton-load in anybody’s language.

I fell in love with Megan the moment I laid eyes on her in that carpark two years ago. One week later I was living above a shitty hotel in North Hobart. That’s an incredible story for a man who doesn’t like change.

By the end of that month we’d become lovers; then we evolved into life partners and one day eventually with the wind behind me and if a drunken leprechaun kisses my dick for Irish luck… she’ll marry me on a local beach. Then it’ll be back to bed. Rinse, repeat and renew. Life is pretty good at fifty one.

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