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The Erotic Pictures of Roland Carre

European erotic photographers from the magazine Paris-Hollywood and it’s more successful title Folies de Paris et de Hollywood (1952-1974) seem to have faded into history. However, André Bélorgey and Serge Jacques are finding new attention in recent years along with the extremely talented Roland Carre. It’s just a shame there is little about their lives or motivations available to find. They are photographic mysteries.

André Bélorgey and Serge Jacques co-authored Studio Album No. 8 (Nouvelle Serie) with Roland Carre; while Jacques and Carre co-authored Art and Beauty No. 3. All three appear to have worked prolifically in a genre that may have been seen as less sensational to the Europeans. There seems to have been a dearth of published articles about their lives and work. And if their stories were published in magazines and books, only their pictures have reached the public Internet with a recent rise in demand for their work.

In comparison, their American or British counterparts of the era who published into the same magazines – examples include Andre de Dienes, Peter Basch, Elmer Batters and even Irving Klaw – appear to have been the centre of public attention (and contention). Outside of Europe, publications carried the enduring names and stories of the people who dared challenge our morals and laws with lewd pictures.

These were the years of pubic wars when photographers put a lot on the line for their art and pushed the boundaries of pornography to create the freedoms we hold dear today. So I think it’s worth giving these photographers their due. Roland Carre produced exceptional work even if he has largely disappeared into history. Enjoy.

Nude blonde woman standing against a rural fenceline

Nude blonde woman by the seaside holding a net

Nude blonde woman by the seaside holding a net

Nude blonde woman by the seaside holding a net

Blonde woman by the seaside covered in a net

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