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Ben Gould’s Blindside Lost Andes Malbec 2016

As a big fan of Naked Wines Australia I was shattered to open my monthly 15 bottle case to find the first bottle in my order, the one I’d been drooling to consume, Ben Gould’s Blindside Lost Andes Malbec 2016, was missing. It had been swapped out for an equal value bottle, which is fair enough, but I thought “Noooo, not the Malbec”.

Ben Gould was great. I mentioned on his Naked Wines page that I didn’t receive one of his delectable bottles in my recent case and he sorted it with Naked Wines immediately. Within 24 hours he dispatched 3 free bottles of that wine to my doorstep. It arrived this afternoon as a distant thunder storm rolled past the valley with the first desperate sprinkles of promised rain at the end of a hot day. I’d been sweating in the garden up to my elbows in weeds for most of the afternoon. Maybe it’ll rain; but perhaps it’ll just steam until I fall on the bed sometime tonight.

So, I’d just like to say what a champion of a human being Ben is for doing me that favour. Because he didn’t have to and wasn’t asked to help me out. I merely sounded my disappointment with the ringing “Nooooo…. of a lost soul”. And Naked Wines are good like that when something goes amiss in their process.

So why this wine? What’s so special about a Blindside Lost Andes Malbec 2016? Why this wine named after a wrong turn taken in the Andes on his way to Argentina? I’ll just quote Ben Gould on the wine’s web page:

When you get your lips around this luscious, juicy, luxe Malbec it’s like you’ve packed your bags and travelled with Ben on his Argentinian adventure to make his Angel-voted Winemaker Fantasy! Rich with ripe intensity and beautifully balanced with delectable spicy aromas.

Having the pick of the finest Mendoza vineyards, Ben literally tasted hundreds of grapes before settling on two perfect vineyards: one aromatic block at 500m and one at the foot of the Andes at 1300m. Phewww!

Nothing was spared in the making of this classic red: pristine concrete tank ferment, the addition of 30% new oak, a luxurious 12 months maturation in barrel and then bottled in an oh-so-impressive tapered bottle and closed under traditional cork. Um, got a corkscrew?Naked Wines Australia

At this point I’m sitting here with my half of the first bottle thinking about how extremely lucky I am to be drinking Ben Gould’s Argentinian fantasy wine. And it’s absolutely lovely. Cheers, Big Ears.

Ben Gould's Blindside Lost Andes Malbec 2016

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