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2020 Won’t be the Year we Fix Everything

I know people seem to think the catastrophic fires in Australa, the depleting habitat, weather changes and all that shit are going to make a huge difference this decade. I’m sorry, but I don’t have that faith in human beings. We’re going to ride this pony to the end and then some. Most people just want to buy stuff. It’s as simple as that.

How’s that for a negative New Year’s post? And I mean it. Nobody wants to stop having all their stuff. And for as little as possible. Meanwhile, governments fed by lobby groups and companies are getting away with murder and will continue to do so while they all guffaw about the infinite riches of a never-ending consumption driven global economy.

Probably the biggest thing we could do to stop things at this point would be to shut down the Internet. And ban shipping containers. Those two things (computing & standardised form-factor distribution) have been the drivers behind the post-1970s phase of globalisation that sees more business done in a day than was achieved in a single year of the 1960s.

The great driver of our problems, after all… is consumption.

Hmmm… another thing we could try to overcome is our exceptionalism. As a species. As nations. This idea that we’re above the animals and that God is looking over us. We’re a Doomsday Cult. And, having been raised in the Cult, we’re unable to see the major road out of the disaster is to NO LONGER be in the Cult. To buy out of consumerism. To redefine what a corporation is, can do and can be held responsible for committing as a limited person under Law.

Hey, I’m like all the rest of you. I love my booze and coffee and I have a wardrobe of shirts. I have about 35 shirts on coat hangers in my wardrobe (bought second hand as castaways). I use international shipping. I go on holidays. I’m a mass consumer. But I have no children. And it’s the next Century that’s going to see this shit really hit the fan with the human species – billions of people fighting for less water on less land with bigger badder guns behind them.

So, holy fuck… I’m glad that I got to live in the most privileged few generations of human history. We consumed the resources that stood idle for millenia. BAM. Polluted the oceans that ran clean and protein rich for the same amount of forever. And, we trained our young to not only believe it’s their turn to eat at the trough of mass consumerism… we’ve let them inherit our exceptionalism.

I mean, how fucking crazy is it to look in at a Cult and see that kind of behaviour?!

If for one second you think you’re the individual who is going to buy out of consumerism on any meaningful level then you are the extreme rare bird. Your nation certainly won’t… you’re global competitors certainly won’t stop. And there’s no planet B, as they say. At least, not for the 99.99% of us who aren’t billionaire miners, industrialists and politically connected.

And I can’t say that our species doesn’t deserve what’s coming. We do. Enjoy the 2020s in style, I say. Pour me another rum. The fires will be worse next year, as will the storms and droughts. And the year after and the one after that. Look at our consumerism in action. It’s our World, not the Cult’s World. And certainly not some errant petty God’s World.

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