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Performance Manage an Employee out of a Job?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

I’m sorry, but as somebody with a postgraduate business qualification I had to slap my head when I heard that a local manager was performance managing an employee out of a job. That’s not what best practice performance management is about… and it’s a shitty way that small business often goes about getting rid of somebody they don’t think is a good organisational fit.

I have no problem with the idea that somebody can be underperformance managed out the back door. Sometimes things just don’t work out, for whatever reason. But that’s not what this guy suggested. Or does. What he suggested was that the employee would be put into a contrived funnel of exit whereby this manager would control and document the inevitable dismissal. Hands up all the UNETHICAL business managers out there who agree with this strategy.

This manager suggested that there would be no effort on his end to upskill, support, train or improve the employee’s performance – the exit door was open and the person would be pushed out of employment with what could only be described as manufactured paperwork. He openly instructed members within the organisation to produce purely negative reports, explicitly omitting positive phrases, to justify the planned dismissal.

Here is what the Fair Work Ombudsman suggests as contemporary business best practice for underperformance management and how that process should go forward – Managing underperformance.

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Small Business, You Probably Don’t Need a Website

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

As a web professional I was brainwashed into the idea that every business needed a website. For a while that stuck, until I began to realise that most businesses get no return on investment. And, at the same time, most web developers were adamant that their products and services didn’t require a return on investment. Which is madness. In business you pay for something that makes you money and you employ people to make you richer… you don’t buy and employ on the basis of brotherly-fucking-love.

The key phrase when you’re looking to get something done for your business on the World Wide Web is web solution. That means a web solution to your current business problem – marketing, e-commerce, data collection, something that only the web can achieve. If your prospective web developer can’t give you measurable indications of what success and failure look like in that investment then walk away.

Seriously, most small businesses can put a compass onto a map and define their universe. Why, for example, would a tradesman in this small Tasmanian town care if somebody in California accidentally opened his/her web page? Bah. And that’s the trouble, web developers are too busy selling web sites to even consider solving a real and pressing business problem using web technologies. Most developers wouldn’t know a business problem with a web solution if it hit them between the eyes – they sell something else. Internet beach towels.

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The Importance of Competitive Advantage

Friday, February 14th, 2020

As an otherwise idle MBA (Master of Business Administration) there are a lot of times where I hear business plans and see business ventures that make me wonder whether the people involved actually understand the idea of going into business. Most businesses fail. But most businesses fail because they don’t have a business plan or a marketing plan. And I’d add that they need to keep these as Live Documents (continually amended in real time to reflect the changing business environment).

Boring stuff, I know. Who really wants to spend all that time and effort running a business with paperwork. Live documents, phooey. I hear you. My answer… well, a business that wants to compete, survive and prosper. Otherwise, you’re correct… what a waste of energy.

One step in that direction for a business is to sit down and seriously ask yourself what your product/service offers customers. I mean, what does it really offer them above your competitors? What is your Competitive Advantage? Why you and your product/service, instead of your competitor?

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